Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yummy Reading

Greetings gourmet lovers,

The plus side of being sent a recipe book to review is always in the making. You can't honestly review a recipe book if you haven't eaten its produce wouldn't you say?

The downside is that dinners are rarely able to be photographed because a) it's night time when they are served and lighting is not a strength in our rental, b) I'm not much for serving anything too beautifully and c) we're hungry already!

Nadia Lim's (of NZ masterchef fame) book Easy Weeknight Meals has proven a winner thus far.

I have made:
Crispy Fish Sliders with Fennel Apple Slaw and Piri Piri Aioli
Thyme-Stuffed Chicken, Butternut and Spinach with Mushroom Sauce
Italian Beef Ragu with Parsley Pasta
Sticky Hoisin and Ginger Pork with Rice and Bok Choy
Herb Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Balsamic Vegetables
Laksa Chicken, Onion Sambal and Coconut Rice
Korma, Butternut and Kumara Soup

All of them have been super tasty, made from ingredients I know and liked by all I have served them to, including guests. My favourite part of the book is that it is organised into seasons. For this reason I have only tried the Autumn chapter but I have faith in the other seasons from the pictures! The great thing about a book arranged by season is that you end up buying in season which makes it cheaper and fresher - double win.

I love that all the recipes are photographed too - I need the visual inspiration to make me want to make and eat a recipe... anyone else like that?

The recipes are quite meat heavy, like a chicken breast per person in some cases - I often cook for four from only one. I also found I take longer to get through the recipes than suggested but I think this is typical for me when I am doing a recipe for the first time because there is so much re-reading. Aside from those I really love this recipe book and am looking forward to making more recipes from the winter section now we are in winter!

These recipes are born out of the business My Food Bag which delivers ingredients and recipes for weekly meals to people who buy into the system in NZ and Australia.

love you more than a menu plan with 3 new recipes xxx