Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Me Made May Week 1

Helloooooo here I am on the Me Made May journey

Day one I managed to be featured in the paper - whoot!

Here is what I really wore that day:
Dress: Pattern New Look Workroom 6070 - made this year more details here

Beads and Brooch - Op Shopped

Shoes - Op-Shopped $2

Top - make your own in 20 minutes

Jeans - Ezibuy

Shoes - Op Shopped

Beads - gift

Dress - 1977 pattern (currently on loan so not sure of number). Started by Deb finished by me. Made from Op-Shopped fabric and pattern

Tights - Farmers, handpainted with kaka flowers by me

Shoes - Op-Shopped

Jacket - Handmade from gifted fabric and pattern

Shirt - Op-Shopped and made over

Skirt - Pattern Cynthia Rowley 2512, more details here

Tights - $5 Glassons

Shoes - Op-Shopped $2

Beads - gift

Cardi - Op Shopped

Beads - School Fair 50 cents

Dress - Pattern given - Fabric gift from Amsterdam - Print reads I <3 Jesus (and features gold Holy Spirit doves. More about it here

Shoes - TKMaxx UK bought 7 years ago.

I look like a drowned rat because I got soaked several times!

Necklace - Freedom Creative - gift

Dress - modified pattern, made from an old curtain, more about it here

Top - New Look pattern - cross over

Tights - Farmers

Shoes - Op-Shopped

Bracelet - made from a measuring tape - gift

Top - Op Shop Melbourne

Skirt - Me made denim - easy to wear

Tights - hand me down

Shoes - Emily the Strange $7 school fair

Well I made it through week one, and I wore the same shoes over and over again and I got drenched, biked to school and attended my boys' football games. For more Me Made May check out the flickr group or Zoe's blog

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What's your favourite look?

Are there any you would wear?