Thursday, May 2, 2013

Make My Week - The World's Easiest Top

So I've made some of these tops before. They couldn't be simpler. They really are 'in real life' clothes though as they don't photograph or film well. (Promise I know I look completely shapeless in these pics!) But to wear they drape nicely, move with the body and are as comfy as your favourite flannelette nighty!

Hem the ends of the fabric. Fold the fabric in half horizon (rather than portrait)

Measure your general width or lie down on the fabric - in the middle - and put a pin either side of your hips area.

Put another marker up to not quite armpit height.

Sew a straight line from the pin of width to the N.Q.Armpit mark.

Make a head hole and bind it

Wear your new top.

This is clearly why I do not write tutorials!!! - succinct is not in my vocabulary I just can't make sense with a few words! - Hopefully the picture will help :o)

Joining in with lovely Crafty Show and Tell (see the fancy button on the right click there --> ) and one of the makes for my Me Made May weekly challenge. The next few weeks makes are much more elaborate :0)

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