Thursday, May 9, 2013

Make My Week - New Look 6805

I believe in the exchange of talents without necessarily the exchange of money. It's something I see quite a lot around the internets and something I have done a bit in my life. A couple of weeks ago I shortened some trousers and made 3 wee boys some polar fleece trackies and received some very good muesli in return (which I kept all for myself and didn't share).

This coming weekend is Crafty Christchurch - a wonderful 2 days of craft suppliers, demos and that sort of thing. To help out the lovely Kirsty I am assisting at The Make Cafe stand on Saturday. By way of return I am swapping my 'talents' (which I hope is talking rather than measuring and cutting accurately!) for some of her 'talents' - gorgeous Echino fabric.

I do love the pattern and although there are a couple of bits that bend my brains I've done a better job this time round. I also included an invisible zip!!!

The New Look 6805 pattern is one I have certainly got my moneys-worth out of. To date I have made view E as a costume, view A (with variations and modifications) 4 times and now view B twice. That's 8 dresses from one pattern I bought for $10.50.

The sash is made from a gorgeous voile suggested by Juliet who happened to be working when I came in to get the fabric.The voile is also in the V of the dress to avoid the 'howdy fellas' of the ladies on show (not that there are likely to be many fellas at crafty Christchurch but I will wear it at other times too!)

I'm hoping that people see it and get inspired to look at the 'quilting/crafting' fabric in a new way. Personally I spend my whole time in the shop thinking of myself parading about in a series of 'lady dresses' in a variety of patterns. Also it was news to me that Kirsty stocks this voile, which is incredibly light and floaty. I'd quite like to try a blouse-y top from it at some point.

I have bravely included the back view which does not do my triceps (or lack thereof) any favours! and don't you love my sock indentations - I am so stylish!

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