Thursday, May 9, 2013

If It Makes You Happy

...that's what The Atlas said when I asked him about getting a makeover (a blog makeover that is - if I had asked him about a real makeover I would have expected some protestations, 'you're so perfect already, how could you be improved on'.... you know stuff that husbands should definitely say first, rather than 'about time I noticed you'd really let yourself go')

Truth be told it's one of those things I felt a bit embarrassed about doing..... I mean let's be honest here (as Michael Kors would say) it's not like I have thousands or even hundreds of readers, this isn't a business, I don't make money from this space.... it's just a cosy, messy little spot to indulge my stream of unconsciousness....

I felt a bit like a 'lady who lunches', some ditzy woman who just loves to spend money on herself only - which I don't think and I sincerely hope isn't true...... having a makeover wasn't ever about making me happy..... it was about creating a space I felt like I owned, a space that looked a bit like me, something to feel proud to invite people over to.

A bit like a mini home.....

I want a home that is unique, that is me and us, that isn't about styles and trends but is about the things we think are lovely and comforting...... I kinda wanted the same from my blog

and I didn't have the skills to make it happen

and to be honest I'm not interested in having the skills.... I mean I could learn them.... and spend hours and hours muttering under my breath and forgetting to make dinner and feeling annoyed at the real people hassling me during this very important job I am doing.....yeah.... I'm going to stick with sharpening the skills I actually have (but that's a whole other blog post)

and I'm also really keen to support another person pursuing their dream. a mama who has skills. a mama who has passion. a mama who loves that weird geeky stuff (at least I hope she does!!)

Simone has done an incredible job of making this space mine and that's what I love about this process. I was a little nervous that I'd end up with something she thought I should have, or something that was generic and pretty and ok, or something loud and brassy and overwhelming (to match my personality)..... but she hasn't. She has searched my blog and picked lovely photos (click on the pages at the top), she has asked me lots of questions and given me options.

I am so thrilled with this new look and, perhaps unusually, I feel proud of it.... isn't that amazing? She's made something that feels so like mine that I feel total ownership of it and I feel like I'm proud to show people round my blog.....

Thanks Simone. I think her work speaks for itself.
(find out more here if you're tempted)

*** Simone didn't ask me to write this I just kind of wanted to give you all and in on a) why my blog suddenly looks so good, b) why I did this and c) to thank her publicly

also how many of you are having probs with the new commenting section?
I am trying to make things easier for you...... if you are and you didn't mind I'd so appreciate an email or comment makeitigveitATgmailDOTcom  xxx