Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make My Week - Not Quite

I will be back with a wardrobe post soon I just need to sort out the photos....

This is my last Me Made May garment and I'm finishing with a fail :o) an almost but not quite

like the theory, like how it came together, thought I had adjusted the pattern well ....buuutttt...not quite

so I have abandoned this one with only the hem to go

It's a bit long in the body, the back is bulgy, it's funny in the side seams - and as it's fully lined there's more than just an extra couple of darts to fix it up

I guess 4/5 isn't the worst odds. I'm hoping to redeem it somehow but not now, not today, and probably not for a while.

so I'm joining in with Leonie because there will be better inspiration over there and because sometimes it's nice to know that we all miss the mark now and again.... I definitely do


love you more than a quick un-pick
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