Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - if I must wear black

Okay so today (in real life) I am actually wearing something handmade because it's Me Made May y'all but in the interest of truly embracing MMM and not taking a pre-photo I have a non-me-made ensemble on today - anyone else confused yet?? (In plain speak this is not my first of May outfit - you will see that next Wednesday).

from today - Wednesday -  for the whole month of May I will be endeavoring to wear a handmade garment (or possibly accessory if I get desperate) every day. I will also be making a new handmade garment each week - God, energy and sewing-machine willing. So from next Wednesday you will get 7 days worth of outfit photos for the price of one Wardrobe Wednesday. I know - you are SO stoked right???? :o)

Also my Make My Week posts are going to be all about clothes for this month.... yay! right? right??

Anyway... this outfit is nothing like handmade and it's all black shock and horror! I don't 'do' black but I was taking a messy craft class for the day and I didn't want PVA all over my nice clothes and my PE gear (as I like to call it) was in the wash. So here I am all in black.

Top - second hand - gift
Jeans - as above River Island brand
Scarf - Op shop in Melbourne
Bracelet - made from a measuring tape - gift
Earrings - handmade!!! (still not counting this as first of May)
Shoes and belt- op-shopped

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and if I am right and you get the Zest section of The Press - check out the 'What Am I Wearing' section - a great way to start MMM?? No?