Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Let's Start With Dresses

Okay so I felt one week wasn't going to give me time to properly inventorise my wardrobe so I have started with dresses

I like dresses, especially in summer, throw one on and you're good to go - couldn't be simpler. I actually want to make a few more for winter... they are so fun to make too.

so the number is big but I assure you they are getting worn, promise..

So in total I have......

 48 Dresses

I break these down into

Formal dresses - 7
for a ball or other special occasion (anything else is fair game, these are full length super star numbers or not the kind to bike to school in - bridesmaids type dresses) I include my wedding dress in this count even though it's actually 2 pieces. I wore the bottom half of it twice last year. There are a couple here I need to try on again and decide if I want to keep

these are mainly bought or gifted one is hand made

Standard dresses - 41

of these standard dresses
 25/41 are hand made (20 in the last 2 years)
 4/41 are hand me downs
 6/41 from op-shops
 6/41 bought brand new or given to me as a gift brand new (years purchased/given 1999, 2002, 2002, 2005, 2011, 2011)

are you are dress lover or I am out on a limb here with my massive count??? (to see my sister's count have a look in the comments she promised to do it with me)

I have got rid of some dresses before counting so I can honestly say these are all dresses that have been worn frequently (with the exception of the super formal) there are a couple I need to give a make over to so I can wear them more.

Top - Melbourne Op-Shop
Skirt - Handmade
Tights - Cosmic Corner
Shoes - 25cents off trade me (in a bunch of 4 for $1)
Necklace - gift from Freedom Creative

So what is Wardrobe Wednesday?
  • It's a chance to take some time once a week to peel off the polar fleece trackies (I have a pair too!!) and put on something that gives you a chance to have a 'play' in your wardrobe, to make yourself feel pretty/ stylish/ like a woman or at least not slummy!
  •  It's a time to celebrate and hopefully to embrace your body however you find it - post baby, young or old your body is lovely and functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see other women (ordinary, beautiful women) who don't live in designer homes on designer budgets with designer bodies.
How to play?
1. Link in your specific blog post not just your general blog
2. Link to a post about clothes - that's what we're here for
3. Please add a link back here so other people can come over and see people's clothing posts too - the old fashioned way or grab a button
4. Be encouraging and visit people - leave a comment now and again too everyone loves to get encouragement

Here's the button copy and paste away

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

How many dresses do you own that you wear frequently?
Do you keep some dresses for special occasions only or do you wear them to bike your kids to school (or similar?)
What shall I count next??


Debbie Buckland said...

Looks good on you.
Dresses? Hmmm... 1 wedding dress
1 blue dress - too short for not wearing leggings or tight jeans under.
1 red dress with little flowers over it.
1 brown dress - dressy
And that's at the top of my head.

Leonie said...

Cute outfit Miriam :) That's a fair few dresses! I have a grand total of 4 i think! and I only wear them for occasions which is seldom! Would love more as I love the way they feel but struggle with shape and haven't quite gotten to making any yet!

Naomi said...

Ok, Miriam's sister Naomi reporting for duty. Here's my break down:

Formal dresses - 13 (I am a professional singer so that 13 formal dresses make sense)

Full/tea length - 6
Cocktail - 7

3 /13 are hand made (2 by me)

2/13 are hand me downs

5/13 from op-shops

3/13 bought brand new or given to me as a gift brand new (includes my wedding dress)

Standard dresses - 16

of these dresses

7/16 are hand made

2/16 are hand me downs

7/16 from op-shops

0/16 bought brand new or given to me as a gift brand new

readwatchrelax said...

wow, that's a lot of dresses! not quite sure how many I've got but have been into maxi lately and been picking up every one I can get my hands on! :) I like your different shoelaces adds a bit of whimsy!

Unknown said...

Wow, so many dresses! I have less than 10 but I'm working on that number having only recently become more comfortable in a pretty dress for day to day wear. I'm in awe of your handmade dress collection, my little is scared of my sewing machine so all I manage these days are a few quick repairs when she is distracted.

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Love this outfit! And because you seem to wear dresses so often, I think 48 is a perfectly reasonable number.
I have 20, which is more than I expected. 5 are formal (incl. my wedding dress), the rest are standard. At the moment, I only wear a handful that are bf-friendly, because most of them aren't.

Leelee said...

I have 25 dresses that I wear with some sort of regularity. Two short party dresses and 1 formal dress from my high school prom that I don't want to throw out.

mispapelicos said...

Cute as a button, my gorgeous Miriam.
I love you in stripes.
Thank you for the weekly chance to be together.
I would love to have you amongst my Google Folleres too.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

So fun and cute! My dress total, I don't even want to say because it's under 10! LOL.

Suzanne said...

I am way too scared to count my dresses. Although it must be around what you counted. They do have their own that is a hint as to how many I own.

In the summer I wear dresses all the time. They are "no brainers". In the winter it is simply too cold most of the time unless I'm wearing them with boots.

I find for each dress I go through a stage where I want to wear it all the time and then it gets forgotten for a while.

I have a very hard time getting rid of any of my dresses though unless they don't flatter me or I can't fit in them.

I think you should count your skirts next. I'm a huge skirt person.


Daenel T. said...

Miriam, you probably have more dresses than anyone I know. I think I have about 10 and probably only wear 3 or 4. I'm gonna have to change that.

The tights are too cute.

Allie said...

Love those blue shoes! For some reason my image didn't go through when I linked up, anyway to fix that?

Unknown said...

Wow! Please can we have some photos?? Especially the formal ones! I know I would love to see them. (Anyone else? Or is it just me being soooo nosey? )
I have a grand total of, ahem, zero dresses...not one!!! Now I am feeling the need to make one!

Unknown said...

Love your striped tights ! Thank you for hosting the party.

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Wow thats a big number of dresses, but I love that! I think dresses outnumber anything else in my closet too! They are just too fun. :) Thanks for the linky party!! ♥

Amanda G. said...

I love dresses for summer, too; you're right that they are a no brainer. I'm trying to get better at layering/winterizing so I can wear them in colder weather, too.

Last time I counted my dresses it was about twice yours. But I've had a big purge since then, not sure what it's at now.

Those stripes are so fun. :)

Andrew and Rachel's Mum said...

I would believe you have that many dresses and I think I have seen you wearing quite a few of them at School. I am not sure how many I have, it would depend whether I count tunics. Some of which I wear simple as dresses in summer.
I wear dresses or tunics( in winter with leggings) a lot all year around.

I am curious how many pairs of shoes you own so shoes inventory next.