Friday, February 8, 2013

Grateful For

Grateful for a teacher who had this beautiful wee gesture waiting on the students desk on the first day of school. With their name meaning attached to it.

For having fun in the pool with my little one today on one of our hanging out days. I have reduced his kindy days to 2 this year so we can make the most of the next 10 months before school starts.

Thankful for a very near miss with a car reversing out of a driveway and my littlest missing it by centimetres. We stood right there with our helmets on having a cuddle and thanking God for His protection.

Also given my current obsession with almonds I am super pleased with the almond butter I made tonight. Grandad recently gave me Grandma's food processor (these are my in laws I'm speaking of) and it's powerful enough to make actual peanut butter texture with nothing at all added - straight nuts. I'm going to make the boys a massive jar of peanut butter next.

Today I also take my hat off to a team of Christchurch bloggers who are working so hard and with such passion and dedication (the spreadsheets are a colour-coded thing of beauty) to bring Around the Table to life. I'm also in awe (and slightly terrified) that people have said yes to coming. 51 in fact - only 9 places left. I might be the 'mouth' for this but I am certainly not the brains and the hard, hard work..... Ladies I applaud you.

Bloggers Connecting

I'm also excited about another giveaway to do but you can read more about that tomorrow.

And I'm joining in with Meghan who always has such an interesting list I have to set aside proper time to appreciate it.




Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Lots to be grateful heart skipped a beat when you said about the near-miss xx
It's just so cool that so many people have signed up for AtT - goes to show what an awesome idea it was, and the fab job you are all doing (and yes, I swooned at the mention of colour-coded spreadsheets).
Have a great weekend xx

nz green buttons said...

oh dear we had a near miss yesterday too. Luckily my little man is very good at stopping when I yell so it wasn't a tragedy, but boy do people reverse VERY fast out of driveways!

I love Almond butter, did you keep the skins on?

Max said...

reversing cars strike terror into my heart. so glad your wee man is alright. happy weekend lovely xxx

Unknown said...

I love this post, so positive and inspiring. If you wouldn't mind I would love to do my own 'what I am grateful for post'? I will mention you in the post if I do :)

Janine xx

Jess B said...

Oh my, Praise God for His impeccable timing! We have a long driveway with zero visibility on either side and I ALWAYS stop before the end to give people a chance to see us. It's too terrifying to think of it being my own kids flying along the footpath! We've actually had a girl (young teenager) on a bike crash into the side of our car as we came out of the driveway once. A heart-stopping moment, for sure. (She was fine, thankfully.)

Leonie said...

wow, what an amazing teacher! that is a beautiful gesture.


Stacia said...

The time before they go to school passes by so very quickly, good on you for reducing the kindy days. That almond butter looks great.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Thank God for his awesome protection on your little guy. I'm so impressed by the almond butter - looks lush. Oh and colour coded spreadsheets sound like heaven to this accountant ;-) You are all doing a fab fab job organising this - it's gonna be great xx

CHD said...

Lovely idea from the teacher. Glad it was a near-miss, not otherwise. Glad we can trust God with protection of our precious ones. Cx

Leonie said...

So thankful for the miss, but what a wonderful happy collection, and love that teacher :)