Monday, February 18, 2013

B.M.W.B - Making it Up

Flip loves maths. Ever since he was very small (before he was 2) he has loved numbers.

Once when we were talking about jobs we told him that some people have jobs with numbers and he couldn't believe it - he was so enthralled by the idea of working with numbers.

On Sunday morning I found him playing with my quilters cutting mat, quietly doing some kind of number game.

So the other night he had some number cards out and we made up some games together. In one he would choose 2 columns after a 5 seconds - 1 for me and 1 for him and then we would add them up together and see who got the biggest number.

In the other I called numbers and he had to find them fast and then decide if he wanted 10 points per correct card or the number value of the card.

I don't really care about maths or numbers but I do care about having special time together. And I love that we can share something together that we can laugh over.

Do you ever do things your little person loves even though it doesn't float your boat?

Thanks so much for joining in and for your encouragement on the journey.

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fabric epiphanies said...

Reading Thomas Books. My boys loved them and couldn't get enough. Every time they brought one to me to read I could feel my eyes glazing over immediately but I read them anyway. Thank goodness they learnt to read!

Widge said...

Ha my eldest is the same. When he was just a wee toddler he would sit in his buggy and read out people's letterboxes to me as we walked along.
Probably listening to his excitement over telling me every little detail of his latest favourite computer game is my most trying thing to listen to now days...yawn ;)

Leonie said...

Well done you :) some books I'm not a fan of but overall, like you, its about time spent together x

Sophie said...

What a cool game to play with him! Such a clever chap!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

All linked up :-) Sometimes I don't really fancy playing Star Wars and having lightsaber fights but I sigh and do it anyway :-)

bee said...

These sort of games are the best- made up as you go along and all about the time spent together. I'm not a great fan of reading aloud Dr Suess books, I feel like they go on a bit LOL but the kids love them- so I take some deep breaths and read : )