Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday and Make My Week

Looking for the Wardrobe Wednesday Linky? It's over here :o)

So lovely Kelly is now hosting the WW linky but I wanted to join her on her maiden voyage. I also wanted to show y'all my new dress.

The photos are not my best work (actually they are The Atlas work but they aren't his best either) and I maybe should have taken them before I biked to school, to kindy and to meet a friend for coffee and then home. Hence the wrinkly skirt (which needed ironing before I even started!)

I was given this fabric from Leonie last year and it is SO perfect and beautiful I wanted to be sure to make something equally wonderful to match it. So I made the ladybird practise dress from the pattern first. It's Swiss and it is retro and I cannot tell you how much I love it.

I need to adjust the fit a little bit in the top but overall I think it's better in real life.

I'm also wearing my new DIY glitter shoes and some white floral fishnets that didn't last the day. Possibly a good thing, I think they might make me look like I have a horrible skin disease.

Life feels kinda busy at the moment but I'm feeling a clothes sewing urge so I hope I can start making some of the things I'm keen to.

Outfit details:
Dress handmade Pattern - McCalls 6379

Tights - hand-me-down
Earrings - handmade from vintage buttons
Shoes - op shopped and made over
Bracelet - made from old 2 cent coins a gift from The Atlas

Pearls- gift
Lipstick - was my grandmothers - which I think is cool, but might gross some people out. My gran had a very particular way of putting on lippy so I always recognise hers - they look like an upside down wine glass. (she also had rather a penchant for expensive things so her lippys are always flash ones!)

Hair - requires more effort..... sigh.... lazy and low-maintenance!

Joining in with Kelly for Wardrobe Wednesday

and Leonie for Crafty Show n Tell - go forth and be inspired :o)
 Show & Tell Thursday's


fabric epiphanies said...

Your dress is lovely. I always like blue. It is very summery

Leelee said...

The print of the dress looks great on you.

Naomi said...

Looks awesome - great job. The pattern really suits the fabric and vice versa!

Hootnz said...

Groovy and bombshell all rolled into one! Love it :)

Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style said...

You are so talented! Beautiful dress, but I do agree about the tights. Maybe they would look good peeking out above boots (if salvagable from today). Thanks so much for your support getting WW up and going!

mispapelicos said...

Aren´t you clever Miriam. making the dress.
The colour and pattern is beautiful, and enhances your lovely figure to perfection.

Leonie said...

Great dress in a great colour - very flattering Miriam and so glad you haven't fallen out of love with it yet! x

the domestic fringe said...

Such a beautiful dress. You look lovely. It's a great color.


Rach said...

Great dress - love the fabric :)

Notchka said...

Love that fabric - 'tis so you x