Monday, February 4, 2013

B.M.W.B - Ice Ice Baby

A while ago I saw this idea of freezing little treasures in a tub for the boys to excavate later
the other day in the heat and holidays boredom set in and I remember the tub hiding in the depths of the freezer

we tried salt and warm water and teaspoons and it was very fun for them when their treasures popped out

Bounce, 'I was just thinking about this little teddy this morning and now he is here so I won't be lonely' (bless, not sure he was but it's the kind of cute things he says)

what little activities provide distraction around your house?

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Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be


Hootnz said...

Thats a good one to have on hand! Especially appropriate with the heat :)

nz green buttons said...

I love this, my kids loved it when I tried it. Anything to do with water seems to keep my kids occupied, "painting the fence" with water and I bought some of those foam squirter things from the $2 shop and they "water" my plants for me or write with the on the driveway!

Ginx Craft said...

Very cute. I caught Frankie putting a real lump of snow in the freezer last week.

bee said...

I've been meaning to do this- I love the adding salt idea. I might go and set one up now with wee dinosaurs : )

Leonie said...

We need a bigger freezer - great idea for hot days!