Monday, October 30, 2017

The cape!

Kia ora folks,

It would be easy to look at this blog and think I've entirely stopped being creative and I'm only reading books! Surprisingly I think this year has been one of my most creative so far. One of the reasons you haven't seen much is that a lot of it has been creative writing and I'm not sure how to share that aspect.

I've also lost our camera so I'm relying on someone else to take pics and that doesn't always coincide  with when I'm wearing something.

I shall endeavour to do a better job by y'all on this! :-)

A work colleague gave me a large fabric piece that was no longer needed at her place. Bounce has been wanting a cape/cloak for a while.

Things came together.

I adapted an adult cloak pattern, made the XS size and cut the best I could with the fabric I had.

He chose the disco button and he is wearing it all.the.time.

I'd call that a win for very little work. These are the days I feel like I'm mumming right.

(don't ask me that at dinner making and trying to do homework o'clock!)

love you more than fabric used before it even made it onto the shelves of the sewing room xxx