Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bookish - A Dog With Nice Ears

'I have this little sister Lola...'

And so begin the Charlie and Lola adventures. I have a special place in my heart for Charlie and Lola - I'm not sure if it's from working in the UK or my obsession with copying the accents when I was reading them, or the little clips we used to watch when some people in my life were smaller, or just the magic of what it is to enter the world of Charlie and Lola ....

I also love Lauren Child's illustrative style.

Her latest offering A Dog with Nice Ears does not disappoint.

It has all the charm and generally awesome-and-infuriating ness of Lola. This time Lola is determined they will get a dog. Her parents telling them it will not happen does not deter Lola in the slightest.

But will she get a dog and if she does what kind of dog will it be?

Beautiful and perfect for anyone with a Lola in their lives.

Details - Hachette NZ, October 2017, RRP $29.99 HB

love you more than a dog who sniffles instead of barking xxx