Friday, October 20, 2017

Bookish - Bird Words

Kia ora Beautiful Person :-)

Over the last coupld of years I have been starting to gather a real enjoyment for anthologies of short stories. They are the perfect antidote for 20mins of sunshine or cold night when you are trying to avoid the pull of technology and just be present in the moment.

When I saw the byline for Bird Words: 'New Zealand writers on birds' I really wanted to get a copy. I love that the collection - edited by Elisabeth Easther - combines the writing of some our very most known and loved alongside lesser known writers.

She has collected a vast array - fiction, poetry, excerpts and non-fiction. Do I love every piece? No, there were a couple that weren't my cup of tea but such is the same with a lolly mixture. Some of the delight is in the contrast of flavours.

Most of the pieces are gorgeous and there is a very wide tasting plate to enjoy. I love the use of short story along side poetry and the mixture of length of the pieces too.

This is one of those books that are perfect for picking up now and again and just taking five minutes to savour or for a longer stretch enjoying a few offerings. This is definitely a great gift book. For anyone you know who loves New Zealand writers, or New Zealand birds or people overseas who love poetry and short stories. One I will be recommending and purchasing for others.

Another excellent offering to excite me in my delight of seeing more of 'our voice' on our shelves in bookshops.

Details - Penguin Random House, Oct 2017 RRP $35.00 HB

love you more than five short lines of brilliant words that captivate xxx