Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bookish - Wolfy

Hi, hi!

I love that the school holidays give me a chance to sit down and read with my boys. Even though they are bigger (11, 8) now they are not beyond the sharing of a great picture book and are both very content to listen to me reading chapter books for hours on end. I try to remind myself to make sure to do this as much as I can because I will miss it a lot when the season passes.

Lately we've loved Wolfy by Gregoire Solotareff. The book has already sold over a million copies in its original addition and now we get to enjoy it from Gecko Press as they secured the English-language rights.

Wolfy (a wolf, with no name) and Tom (a rabbit) meet each other rather by co-incidence and end up forming a wonderful friendship. Until Wolfy really scares Tom and Tom is no longer confident they can be friends. What could restore such a lovely friendship? How will Wolfy cope without his only friend?

All will be well... a wonderful commentary on the power of empathy and friendships that defy odds. Sure to please - especially if you like playing 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf?' (or rabbit).

Details - Gecko Press, October 2017 RRP $29.99

Love you more than unlikely friendships xxx