Friday, February 14, 2014

Monthly Stitch - March Challenge - You Pick

So The Monthly Stitch is a blog set up for sew-ers who want to join in on a challenge each month and the challenge for March is pick a pattern in your collection that you haven't made before.

...but you guys get to pick which one!

I obviously have hardly any patterns in that we just moved and there are only so many things you can sneak into the luggage right?

So these are the 3 patterns in my collection I have yet to make:

Simplicity 1849
This one looks a bit naff to me, even though I only recently bought it. However, I do think in the right fabric it could be a very good shape on me.... what do you think and what fabrics should I look for (obv, it's stretch).

Vogue 7964
Quite different from styles I usually go for. Remember by picking this I will not grow legs that are 9m long so I won't look quite like the packet. Also will be above the knee and without shoulder pads. This is another stretch fabric one.

New Look 6699
I'd probably be going for the combo shown in the photo second from the left but a print, or maybe the fuller skirt.

So tell me - what do you want to see me make?

You have one week and I will pick whichever gets the most votes and make it during March. Just leave a comment with the pattern number, or company or some rambly description you think I will understand.

If you like sewing or you want to like sewing clothes you should totally join in too, okay? There are some of you I am staring at very hard right now! If you think it might be you, it probably is.

love you more than a mystery box challenge xxx