Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lazy Fashion

so pretty much I am kind of (a lot) lazy....

I never take my make-up off at night, if I bothered to put it on in the first place

there are quite a few days that I only brush my teeth once (I know, the shame of it!)

and don't even ask about how often I shave my legs and remove chipped nail polish..

and I just realised today another reason I'm a dress and skirt wearer - toilet laziness.

who would have thought it?

usually I tell people that dresses are the best choice because you put one on and the outfit is finished. No agonising over what to put with it -it's an outfit all by itself.

and then today when I was wearing shorts and I went to the toilet for at least the 20th time... (or not quite).... I realised another reason I need to wear dresses....

I often wait until I am about to burst before I go because, you guessed, too lazy to go when I thought about it in the first place.

and there I am, kinda busting (plus 2 births if you know what I am saying, and how I am still trying to work out what the heck sucking up your pelvic floors is supposed to feel like) and I have to undo - belt, button, claspy-hook-thing-a-me and a fly.... seriously? If I was wearing a dress I'd already be finished by now.

...and I would be washing my hands because even though I am lazy I am not completely feral....

so there you have it, a sordid confession that may make you respect me less but look at dresses (and skirts) with a whole new level of admiration.

dresses people - they are the lazy ladies choice.

love you more than a clean public toilet xxxx