Thursday, February 27, 2014

Make My Week - New Look 6749

Since we've been here and the weather has been unmanageable (much nicer the last couple of weeks I must confess), and I've been desperate for some 100% cotton dresses. Something light and easy to wear and not too fitted.

Honestly it's been so hot I've got to the point where I almost don't bother with a petticoat - thigh silhouette be damned - almost.

So I grabbed this piece of vintage sheet which was one of the very few pieces of fabric I bought with me and made this dress.

New Look 6749 is a new pattern to me and I made a size larger than I normally would (normally I make a 12 and grade it out at the bust, but this time I made a 14), because I wanted it roomy and because I've been doing a little too many 'last coffee dates' and Christmas and new place 'discovering', if you know what I mean.

Like other NL patterns it has way too much room in the back section over the shoulder blade area (I mean way too much and I'm pretty broad). Because the top is lined and I am too lazy to unpick and re-do I just whacked some large darts into the top of the finished dress and that made a big difference. From now on when I use a NL patter I'm going to do this from the get go. It probably looks a bit messy but when has that ever stopped me team?? Never I tell you :o)

not sure what kind of crazy is going on with this photo but
feel free to feel slightly put off your coffee

Overall, I love the colour - this fabric is probably my favourite ever vintage sheet. The fit is okay and works for what I want it for. The day I finished it and wore it to school Bounce said to me, 'I like it when you wear that dress to pick me up.' Bless him.

I bought the pattern with a voucher before I left NZ and everything else was from my very minuscule stash so I'm pretty pleased with this effort. It's the second thing I've made on my new sewing machine too.

Joining in with super-crafters (I'm pretty sure some of them even have capes) over here

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love you more than no thigh silhouette xxx