Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make My Week - Yellow

** We interrupt this yet-to-be started post with breaking news that my new sewing machine has arrived!! ** 

I know you need some tissues right? So exciting.

Anyway... before I left NZ (over the Christmas holidays to be exact) I sewed up some new tops. I wanted some fun fabric, easy to wear, not too fitting options for the days when I don't wear a dress.

I self-drafted (ha! read: traced around a t-shirt) to make this simple kimono-style top and then completed the neck and arm holes with binding (not on the bias) made from the scraps. If you want to make something like this, they are super simple because there are no set-in sleeves, there is a great tutorial here.

All 4 of them have contrast backs and fronts and due to the nature of the fabric sit quite differently. I added the contrast band to the back of this because I didn't have enough blue fabric. All the fabric for all the projects came from stash.

Please excuse the back photo I thought I would pull it in a little so as to give myself some shape instead of looking like a big blue tv box - unfortunately I ended up looking a little like a blue worm being strangled by an invisible rubber band.... but you get the general concept.

So what's on your sewing table? Any worm costumes?

Joining in with the delightful and perfectly put together Leonie

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love you more than a brand new box of sewing machine xxx