Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Me Made May Round Up and New Hair

So I managed to wear handmade every day of May - whoot! Although I did not manage to take a glamour shot every day - I am not suprised by this :o)

I did realise if I only want to wear handmade I need to make some more boring clothes for the days I just have to wear jeans and a simple top - but really who wants to make boring when you can make dresses instead??

There are a couple of days when I wore exactly the same as another day so that's why there are a couple of days missing.

Also you will see in the later photos I can tick off my goal of dying my hair - a big move as, apart from foils, I've never dyed my hair before. It's not the orange I wanted it to be but I'm mostly okay with the colour.

Joining in with Wardrobe Weds (click on the right)

the weather here is pants and we have a croupy boy on our hands so it's fires and trackies and quilt making for me - nothing glamorous here to see!

Love you more than a snuggly hoodie x