Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make My Week - Ceramics

A few weeks ago I went to 2 Friday evening workshops with the lovely Gillian of Mudbird

and look what I made!

3 ninjas (for my 3 ninjas) - I was the only one that made ninjas, as you may imagine. Others did crosses and hearts - all different, all amazing.

and hearts and stars

I love these

so much fun and 'easy when you know how'!

The small stars are going to be Christmas decorations. I make the boys a decoration each year. Completed decoration in June - why yes I am efficient! Thank you for noticing :o)

the 4 big hearts are for my mama, my 2 sisters and 1 for me - 3 women I love very much (actually 4 I quite like myself too!) I'm not sure which will get what yet....

Joining in for show n tell with a whole lot of talented crafty babes

 Show & Tell Thursday's

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