Friday, June 7, 2013

Grateful for Boys

I made this the other day to hang in the loo....

it's the kind of thing I probably never would have made if I'd had girls

the hope that 'Ready, Aim, Fire' might actually appeal and lead to aiming in - someone needs to design one of those stick on toilet cleaners that looks like a target.

I used to be rather smug about the fact I was married to one of those awesome men that leave the seat down. I never got a cold bottom landing on a seatless loo at night, I never got wet socks.... and then I had 2 small boys to show me the higher path to humility. A pathway walked in wet socks and forgotten flushes, I might add.

The other day Flip called to me from the loo, "sorry mama I've just wee'd on the magazines" (no more magazines in our loo)... thing is I laughed and replied "thanks for letting me know darling".... I'm kinda low-key which is both a good and bad thing in such situations.

I know there will come a time in our lives when it's back to just The Atlas and I - the seat will be down, the floor will be clean and I'll pine for these days. So today I'm stopping to be grateful for a toilet that needs a 'Ready, Aim, Fire - Flush, Wash' sign.

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