Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quiet Women

ahem.... clearly not referring to myself in the title! There seem to be rather a lot of women I have come across through blogging who are 'quiet powerhouses'. Maybe you know the type? If you hear about them before you meet them you expect some kind of type A (which if I'm honest I don't really know what that is), loud, decisive, take-over kind of personality

and then they really aren't

in fact they are quiet - very quiet, and you start to wonder if perhaps they aren't the person you thought they were

Let's be clear these women get stuff done, they are achievers and they activate and facilitate other people's achievement... they just do it quietly.

So I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of them:

Hazel Loves Designs

Hazel - I'd read Hazel's blog and her goals before I met her. I expected her to be a kind of 'corporate go getter' which is weird seeing as she's all about independent and unique design....but she's not. She's softly spoken and quiet, she's sweet and I really can't imagine her grabbing any bull by the horns proverbial or otherwise but then I look at her track record.

She runs a beautiful blog, which catalogues and explores all the things she finds that are beautiful, she has launched Hazed which is an online magazine dedicated to all things 'Indie NZ' (which means independent designers and artisans doing pretty, unique stuff).

She is also clearly a cheerleader for designers and helping others to access their loveliness - as part of this cheer-leading routine she runs Indies Anonymous - which is about blowing each others' horns (when you know of someone achieving or doing beautiful things you spread the word for them), hosts Sweet Rendezvous - which is a place to find markets, workshops and gigs in your area.

Find these here

In April she and Holly ran a very successful market called the Craft Love Festival. Now she has also launched The Emporium which is an online shop to buy beautiful things made by lovely New Zelanders.
Oh, and she is also a mother and she works in some other job as well (I never know what people's real jobs are, I can barely even describe what The Atlas does day to day without getting tongue tied!)

I feel kind of tired just reading about her but I can assure you despite her clear skills and championing of the handmade cause she is just a lovely (quiet) woman who is out there making stuff happen.

Kirsty - I can't even remember when I first came across Kirsty but she kind of awes me out. Quiet and softly spoken she's another woman I can't imagine wrestling a bull to the ground but I wonder that perhaps she could. After setting up and running an online fabric business and 2 blogs. She and her husband (and 2 wee sons) started The Make Cafe where people come to cafe, shop and attend a myriad of workshops. As well as trying new recipes for the shop, helping to set up Bellyful in Christchurch, being part of teams to run markets and Crafty Christchurch, generously supporting the blogging and crafting scene, employing people, and doing all the things that go with running a business (I have no idea but the thought terrifies me), she has also recently extended her family in a very beautiful and precious way.

I can't imagine that Kirsty gets much sleep and yet she maintains some kind of inner calm I can only dream to possess!

Jamie - Jamie is another blogger who I 'met' when she contacted me before she and her husband moved to Christchurch in 2011. Jamie is a woman who has a massive capacity as well. She's quiet, an amazing listener and a giver in all senses of the word. Being familiar with how it feels to be an at home Mum in a new city she set up and runs an amazing website/newsletter called Christchurch Mums (I bet she wanted to call it Mom's!) which is a treasure trove of all good things happening around the city. She and her husband run a church, she runs a bereavement group and a whole lot of other stuff too.


I could probably keep writing all night about amazing women I have come across both through blogging and otherwise and I think I'll do more of these posts in the future too..... I want to write these posts because I think as women we need to champion each other. We need to be about recognising all the small and big things women do tirelessly, without thanks, without seeking their own glory.

Today I've talked about 3 quiet women doing big things but it isn't about quietness or even being able to spin many plates (which these women do) for me it's about women doing the things they love, the things they are passionate about. Women bringing the best they have to offer to the world. Surely this is what each of us should aspire to..... bringing all our best.

(pinterest seems to have some stupid new system that makes it hard to directly embed the image! If you want to see more quote I find inspiring go here)

I'd love to hear about a woman who inspires you, a woman you recognise as someone marching to the beat of her own drum.