Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Make My Week - The Juxtaposition

Take one ugly chair. $5 from the local Sallies - I bought two.

add pretty fabric from here

and gorgeous laminate from the same place

I ended up teaching 2 full days of this skill at short notice recently.

It's a slow process but for me the final result is so worth it. I really like the fabric decoupage effect. (I have a lot of them on my pinterest board actually but I do love mine very much - as one should with the things one makes. I've added some of my own too)

There are mistakes to see if you want to look for them but I like them for the overall effect.

I love how the fabric on the chair is cars and the fabric on the seat is Babushka's ..... wee Bounce likes it a lot too. He calls it his chair because he chose the car fabric with me in the shop.

It was amazing to see what people achieved in the day - I love watching people's creative pursuits. This is some of their progress..... none of them are finished pieces but this is what can be done in a special day dedicated to creative pursuit.

I always feel so privileged to be able to create with others and to see their ideas unfold. Also I am loving Kirsty's discussion on creative ideas. I agree that there are times I feel I have come up with a really original idea but then suddenly you see someone else is doing something similar.

For me it's about our touch that makes it ours and I never follow a pattern exactly anyway.... I like the sharing of ideas.... maybe it would feel differently if it was my livelihood.... it's good to think about.

Joining in with fabulous Leonie and other lovely creatives.
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Sophie Slim said...

This is a fab chair! I love your whole collection!

Leonie said...

I Love your chairs and this one is no exception! One day I am definitely going to make some! Agree with the creative process - same same but different in the end x

nz green buttons said...

WOW! Love them all. I've got a stool that I'm waiting to give the same treatment to, you've inspired me to get cracking on it, but not this weekend :)

Little Miss Flossy said...

How incredible! What a transformation, I can't believe it's done with fabric.

PaisleyJade said...

I can't wait to see (and drool over) these in real life!! They look amazing!!

Leonie said...

theres that word again, twice in two days...Juxtaposition.. Im going to have to look it up ;)

LOVE the chair!! totally gorgeous.

Ginx Craft said...

Love both the fabrics, and I bet covering the chair is really fiddly. Lovely end result.

Rach said...

Chair looks fantastic... I'm really keen to have a go at this (just need a bigger house and some furniture that says "pick me pick me")

becclebee said...

such a great idea and such a great choice of fabric!

Keera @ said...

I love a good diy makeover! Your chair is amazing - i have a kids chair in desperate need of... something! (love?!) will have to add this to the to-dos!!

Claudia said...

I saw your chair at the Crafty Christchurch in the weekend. Looks even better in real life!