Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - From the Shops

Okay so I've signed up for Me Made May which means I've got a whole month wearing of wearing my own creations coming up.

So this week I'm going for a shopped look top-to-toe - which is pretty unusual for me.

Top - Zara UK (7 years ago)
Dress - H&M UK (7 years ago)
Tights - Turkey (7 years ago)
Shoes - Andrea Biani (in summer)
Earrings - aren't they awesome? (gift)
Necklace and Brooch - op-shopped

I've also been auditioning fabric and patterns for all my handmade creations next month (at least one a week but I have got 6 things I'd like to make!)

Joining in with Lovely Kelly for Wardrobe Wednesday - click on the button on the right.

Don't you love my wee model? I just couldn't cut him out of 2 of the shots. :o)