Saturday, September 8, 2012

Submit or Resist?

I was driving from one side of Christchurch to another the other day and I was diverted several times.

Christchurch is awash with roadworks, pot-holes, detours, new roads under's relentless. At one point I was driving along unfamiliar roads and being diverted  and I had one of those moments where I thought about how like life this can be.

I head off feeling sure of my direction, confident in my ability and along the way I hit pot-holes and suddenly I am driving very slowly, with great caution, quite uncertain of the direction I am being headed in.

At this point I have a choice - feel panicked and try to get back to where I think I should be heading or to trust that these diversions are taking me a safe way, the right way, that the diversions and signs are there for my protection and not to trick me or throw me off course

I can patiently negotiate these new paths taking time to think and be while the pace is slower or I can curse that I will be late, that I am diverted again, I can start to worry about having to do a right turn across a busy road because of this new route I have to take.

Maybe my life would be more fulfilling and I would learn more if I would take these diversions, detours, and road blocks as a gentle reminder to take time along the journey. Perhaps diversions are in fact an invitation into wildly trusting that Someone else knows better than me. An opportunity to understand that full speed ahead and trusting my own instincts might not actually get me anywhere good fast.

Do you resist diversions and 30km signs in your life or do you trust and relax? Do you submit or do you resist?


Holly said...

Ahahahah oh the roadworks! How crazy they drive me, lol! It feels like it takes me five times as long to get anywhere as it used to. *grumpyface* :P

Leonie said...

It's something I often ponder and need to focus on - letting go and submitting. Too often I resist and get wound up whilst the little voice in the back of my head keeps going "relax, it's going to be fine". Great post Miriam xx

Miriam said...

yup it's pretty hard to avoid!

Miriam said...

Thanks heaps Leonie