Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Of Your Era

This month the inspiration for Wardrobe Wednesday is the decade that suits you best

For me I'm a clear 50s girl - I have the 'perfect' figure or at least vaguely the right shape. Although I think the designs of the 20s/30s are gorgeous and the designs of the 60s a lot of fun neither styles are built for curves.

This means I go well with an hourglass shaped - either fitted or full in the skirt
This is the outfit I put together for my new haircut last week.

I bought the shirt from Timaru savemart at the same time as I bought this dress. It was a size or 2 bigger than I would normally buy but I used my dress makers dummy to make some serious depth in the darts and left the top part as it was. Then I added the black ribbon and I was all ready for a new do.

Top - $5.99 Savemart Timaru
Belt - ribbon from Spotlight
Skirt - bought on sale 10 years ago Catalyst
Tights - part of a set bought at Cosmic in chch
Shoes - bought in a bundle of 4 off trade me - 25cents!
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Notchka said...

Really clever upcycle on the top! Look at your hair!! I can't wait to play dress ups with you tomorrow xx

Leonie said...

Looks great!

Jess B said...

You really do tights and skirts very well. Also, yellow is not a colour a lot of people can pull off but this shirt looks great on you and really sets of the lovely honey colour of your hair. Good job you!

Rachelle said...

Once again so stylish! I don't know how you do it.

the domestic fringe said...

Looks really pretty! Love the tights.

Mary Lindsey said...

I love 50s style. Perfect for women with an hourglass shape. :)

-Mary @

Miriam said...

yeah I like the shape a lot now

Miriam said...

thank you I like the colour a lot

Miriam said...

thank you. I haven't got a lot of this colour in my wardrobe but I do really like it

Miriam said...

So generous Rachelle - I don't know that I always do manage it but I enjoy the process

Miriam said...

thank you. I quite like the tights too

Miriam said...

I do love the 1950s shape - lucky for me I guess :o)