Sunday, August 19, 2012

'Business Time'

If you are a Flight of the Conchords fan you'll be familiar with the song 'Business Time'

there are some very funny (if slightly inappropriate lines in it) about how 'we're cleaning our teeth - that's foreplay'

Tonight The Atlas asked me to order a book online and then we spent the next few minutes joking about how for me 'that's foreplay'!! (I am jesting!)

So he says - 'I tell her to order a book online - oh yeah - that's foreplay'
then he adds - 'I let her loose in the fabric shop with a credit card - oh baby - that's foreplay'
and finally 'I send her into the op-shop to shop while I look after the boys - yeah baby'

All said and laughed about while he was doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and I was on the computer - oh yeah baby!!

What can't you resist?
** apologies to any readers that find this less than funny - clearly The Atlas and I think we are hilarious - that's one of the reasons I love him so much! **


Jess B said...

I think it's hilarious Miriam! You've got to have humour too - I think it's the sign of a wonderful relationship.

Notchka said...

hehe - as soon as I saw the blog title I started singing that in my head. Fantastic - especially the letting you loose in the fabric shop. Ha! My huz has this look with his lip jutting out which he gives me when he has done something slightly less than honourable or kind or selfless - he is basically saying 'I'm not perfect, but I know that you'll forgive me' and its utterly irresistible...hummm overshare?

planettreasures said...

Haha! I love Business time, and I love the Conchords : )

Hootnz said...

I totally get it, and love them too! Also really love watching Hamish and Andy's Euro Trip... not everyone gets them, but I love their innocent fun.... reminds me of my best mate and I when we were teenagers :)

Miriam said...

It's what keeps our relationship ticking along happily

Miriam said...

ha ha overshare!!

Miriam said...

Yeah we really like them too - we saw them a long time ago in a small pub before they were famous

Miriam said...

Haven't watched Hamish and Andy - but we think the Conchords are great

Simoney said...

hahaha, I LOVE Flight of the Conchords and that song is hilarious - I can totally imagine why you;'d have been cracking yourselves up!