Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Retreat Sewing - peg pinnies


If you don't own a peg pinny may I sit you down for a moment and give you a strong recommendation? Peg pinnies are a game changer - no more chasing the peg basket along the washing line or constantly bending down to grab pegs from an icecream container. All pegs at hip height and a hand grab away. Even The Atlas loves our peg pinny. (Though he ties it backwards - I'm not sure if it's for ergonomics or street cred?!)

I used a couple of fat quarters and some spare strips of fabric along with some bias binding to whip these up for my flat mates of many moons ago (like 19 years) whom I caught up with recently. I also velcroed the pocket in the centre so the pegs are unlikely to fall out when bending for washing.

In truth I used fat quarters I didn't like, do you ever find yourself looking at fabric you purchased and asking yourself what you were thinking? But I feel better about using them up and not having to look at them in the sewing room so that's something right?

I think it would be worth my while using up some more languishing fat quarters on these some rainy day, so that I may pass the peg pinny love on to my friends as they celebrate birthdays.

What do you make for gifts?

love you more than a weird fat-quarter used with a purpose xxx

ps - said flat mates - I haven't actually posted these to you yet, but I am thinking about it!!!