Friday, May 12, 2017

Bookish - Gastrophysics

Hi, hi,

Truth be told I've never been much of a science lover - people are more my jam and I just don't really geek out on science the way I do on art history.

Surprisingly, my eldest one is a complete science and maths lover.... seems the apple did fall far from the tree. Lately though I've been really getting into the amazingness of neuroscience and the incredible plasticity of the human brain. (There's a geek in my head trying to get out!)

So when I saw the title Gastrophysics and some of the fun facts I thought, yeah I'll give that a whirl. Written by Professor Charles Spence my main trepidation in requesting the book was how readable it would be. Fears allayed it's a totally readable book. The chapters are short and the book is very well researched. Almost a third of the book is given over to notes!

The book is full to bursting with interesting facts like the fact that what we smell while eating is interpreted as taste on our tastebuds, the decor of a room can influence the sweetness or woodiness ... of what we eat or drink, that even when people know they are being experimented on in regards to taste their brains will still fool them with tastes/sensations, one of the problems with airline food is actually the sounds of the aircraft - so you should sit as far away from the engines as possible and take some noise cancelling headphones with you to help!, coloured plates help hospital and dementia patients to eat more ... and so much more.

A perfect book for foodies, science nerds, people who love to entertain and restaurant or cafe owners who are all about enhancing their guests experiences and any intersection of those.

Details - Gastrophysics by Prof Charles Spence, Penguin Random House, April 2017 RRP $38.00

love you more than a retro- experience xxx