Friday, May 19, 2017

Bookish - Slow Cooked

Hey foodie lovers,

I always dream that my winter cooking will be filled with slow-cooked meals prepared the night before and delivered with a sweet relaxed atmosphere. We can all dream right?! I do love the concept though of the night before prep or the first thing in the morning activity. Dinner times are so much more enjoyable when all the work has been done prior.

So, I was quick to request a copy of Allyson Gofton's latest book Slow Cooked featuring slow cooker recipes that can also be created with slow cooking in a regular oven.

The book includes a very comprehensive basics section which looks at meat types, cuts, thickening and rescuing disasters (another feature to appreciate). Recipes are divided into meat types or vegetarian, there is a section on stocks and soups and a very large collection of recipes for slow oven cooking as well.

The recipes I've tried so far have been a success, and although I've needed to source some new-to-me ingredients, I have loved the fact that there isn't a long process to go through before the ingredients are doing their own thing in the slow cooker. For me the charm and magic of the slow cooker is that you can throw it together in 20 minutes in the morning and eat it when you all roll in cold on a winter's evening.

What are you eating over autumn and winter?

Details - Slow Cooked by Alison Gofton, Penguin Random House, April 2017 $50.00

love you more than a stress free dinner xxx