Friday, March 21, 2014

sometimes things happen that make your face hurt from smiling

Last month I entered a wonderful competition launched by Offset Warehouse - think lovely fabric, ethically sourced and made.

 Zoe of So Zo blog (she is the great brain behind Me Made May and Self Stitched September) was one of the mighty 4 who Offset asked to come up with a theme for a challenge using their fabric. People were asked what they would make for the 'everyday awesome' theme Zoe proposed.

And Zoe chose me!! Which means I will be receiving a bundle of beautiful fabric and sewing a garment with only three other people (selected by the other bloggers) and then it will be over to the public to decide what they like best.

Honestly I feel like I am a winner to have been selected, from here on in it's all icing my friends! I am so, so excited and the fabric I have chosen is so beautiful online. Hopefully it comes quickly in the post I have only until 9th of April to get it done. To read my entry on Zoe's blog have a look here.

Love you more than a email that makes you dance xxx