Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make My Week - train wreck

So I signed up for the postcard swap and thought I would be extra clever and contain my postcard in plastic so that it would arrive safely.

Especially as I didn't have heavy enough card to sew onto the back of the stitched part.

Then I discovered I am seriously lacking in the plastic sewing skills department. This stuff sticks and clings to the machine and presser foot like the badness.

So now I am sending a card that looks like a train wreck, and I managed to put the card part on upside down.

I hope my recipient likes train wrecks....

It's hard to send something I'm not pleased with but I'd rather send something than nothing... perhaps she will blame it on the postal service??? So there it is... a fail shared is sadly not a fail halved.

love you more than good ideas that turn out the way you hoped they would xxx

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