Wednesday, March 19, 2014

in my neighbourhood - le Carpe diem

bonjour my lovelies

last week we were introduced to another lovely Adelaide gem, le Carpe diem - French cafe creperie. Now I must tell you that most Sunday mornings The Atlas makes crepe/pancakes for breakfast because he is practicing for his retirement career in which he wants to own a crepe cart.

In his dream he will just pull up and make crepes (probably at sporting matches because that is the kind of place he will want to spend his retirement) and hang out with the locals.

So when we found this place we knew it would be a winner. I remember eating crepes in France and ordering mustard and not being able to enjoy the crepe because it was that awful strong, burn your mouth off stuff, rather than the fake American stuff I thought it was... I digress.

This lovely cafe is run by a family (I think) and they all speak in French to one another. The savoury crepes are named after places in France (St Malo, anyone?) and the sweet crepes with women's names.

The interiors are cool and French feeling and I love the blue ceramic jugs with water in them. The boys were fascinated to watch the crepes being made and we were all happy to eat them. We spent most of the time talking about people who 'would love this place' and we were really impressed with the range and the taste.

The cafe is located on Grenfell St at the east end of town and we'll be going back :o)

How about you what are your retirement dreams?? (I'm living mine at the moment, until I decide what step to take next!)

** In my neighbourhood, recording our journey and writing the kind of posts about living in Adelaide I wanted to find before we left NZ**

love you more than real maple syrup xxxx