Thursday, March 27, 2014

Make My Week - Functional

Today's makes are functional, not that much fun and a lot of 'ctional'.

Swimming bags were required and so I found some fabric at spotlight and made 2 bags - shoulder strap for easy carrying and to prevent ground dragging, drawstrings to stop underpants and other items falling into a puddle in the changing room.

The boys liked them and they are robust and do the job - the odd functional make also makes me feel good about the amount of selfish sewing I do!

I also threw this cushion cover together with some left over fabric from a special project I will show you soon and a fat quarter I bought over with us. 2 happy fabrics in an easy 10 minute project!

Other ladies crafting capably over here.

 Show & Tell Thursday's

love you more than catching your undies before they land in a changing room wet spot xxx