Friday, March 15, 2013

To all those good people out there

This week I'm crunching (I think that is a good term!) on people in my life who say yes

Yes to organising a scrap bag swap - thanks Nin! And to Annie b who sent me this amazing parcel of goodness

This swoon-y bag and pile after pile of wonderful scraps in all my favourite colours

Wrapped in a tea towel. Love it!

Loving crazy women who say yes to organising bloggers get togethers.

Loving inspiring women like Meghan and Kristy whose running exploits and hot bodies have made me want to have a go

And the crazy women in my life who said they would do it with me, because I know I wouldn't otherwise!

And The Atlas who told me to buy new shoes because when I out my shoes on the first day the sole was flapping. I just ripped it off and ran anyway....

So now I have purple ones!

I have a lot of great people in my life who say yes to friendship, and sharing life and creating stuff and even exercising together.... Pretty jolly blessed actually

Joining in with Meghan of course


Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Go you with your funky new shoes - love the colour and blushing over your comment over here :-)

Can't believe how much gorgeous material you have - wow!

Sammy said...

And we are all super blessed to have you in OUR lives. You add colour, life and laughter xxx And are an incredible woman of faith!

A little bit country said...

Drooling over all of that material! And your new shoes are fab, love the colour xo

Leonie said...

Gorgeous bag of goodies and what wonderful women you are surrounded by! And those shoes - had to smile... hubby just urged me to get some new ones for my walking (no not running :p) as I have holey sole issues. Go you x