Monday, March 11, 2013

B.M.W.B - Secret Service

I'm pretty good at telling my boys how much I love them.

They get a lot of snuggles and cuddles and kisses.

and as a mama of course I do a million different things for them everyday but sometimes it is good to do

something unexpected for them.

A while a go we bought 2 sets of bunks so we have 4 beds in the boys room. The boys make their bed every morning and I don't interfere so often they look less than hotel standard (to say the least).

So on Friday just for a surprise I made their beds up (all 4) so when they got home the beds looked very inviting. I do love getting into a beautifully made bed. Bunks are hard work to make properly!!

It's nice to do 'acts of service' now and again, it's certainly not the way I usually love on them.

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Thanks so much for joining in with the journey. Aren't our kids awesome? I mean they really are aren't they.


Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

Love it! I remember having to wrangle to make the bunk beds as a child! The memories of bunk beds!

:) Hazel

bee said...

That is so cute, our kids just pull up the top cover and consider the bed made. It's their dad that like to go and 'ready' their beds for them at night : )

bee said...
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Catching the Magic said...

Very cute and lovely to get into for your boys too - I still remember climbing into a freshly made bed that my Mum or Dad made up for me - it was always much appreciated, I felt very loved :) x

Leonie said...

Bunks are sooo hard!! No doubt they loved it :)

Hootnz said...

Thats a sweet way to show love....I love a nicely made bed and my kids do too. and yes bunk beds are hard!!

Thankyou for sharing these inspiring posts is something to share with you :

Every now and then I get love notes from one of my boys....the other day I was given one just before their bed time. I opened it when I got to bed and decided then and there to return the the next morning I gave him a little love note back, complete with a crossword, like he had done for me .....he was so thrilled to receive it and right then and there I knew I'd done good x