Friday, May 4, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways

I used to think I never won anything, then I started blogging and since then I feel like I have received far more than I have given out. This year it has been my intention to give something away on my blog every month  - for April the things I was giving away came with a requirement - a donation to unfolding hope. Stay tuned for May's giveaway.

Thanks to people's generous giving we will be able to provide - 'a sewing machine, spare parts, and materials to a Sudanese women's co-operative that helps former slaves earn a sustainable living'. Doesn't that make you feel awesome????? If you still want to donate you have time.

This week I have loved the time I have spent with the world's most rapid question asker. I heard a study that said the average toddler/ pre-schooler  asks 300 questions a day - he is definitely above average in this capacity! But oh so sweet.

When I test Flip on his spelling words I usually say the word, then say it in a sentence, and then say the word again - last night Bounce decided to do the sentences for each word. My favourite was: 'Best', 'S is my best brother'. Bless him.

I also loved watching Flip run in the school cross-country last week. He is one of those kids that is a great finisher - he doesn't seem very competitive (unlike his mother) but he competes with such a beautiful attitude and he LOVES the crowds cheering him on (he got that from me). I love that he takes part with joyfulness and finishes what he begins. I think his favourite bit was high-fiving people on the way up the last leg (not concerned about his time).

I've loved parcels in the mail - including this from lovely Megan and knowing I have a very generous voucher to spend at the gorgeous, feminine and well-priced Sailor Spy (check it out click on 'shop' at the top, such lovely clothes).

and making 'tropical delight' with my boys for afternoon teas - mmmmmm and healthy too - just fruit in the blender, nothing added.

oh and friends who rescue you when you discover your car has a flat battery and you have a child who needs collecting - yes loving those friends! especially when they load you up with feijoas to boot.

Joining in with 2 lovely collections of people embracing gratefulness as a lifestyle.
What's your 'best' this week?


Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Love feijoas in this house!! So lovely when you have good friends you can count on. Love Flip's nature - in the future, he'll be the kind of man that people enjoy playing sports against, because he'll have such a good attitude.

Simoney said...

Love your little runner's attitude - how cool is he???

Miriam said...

I hope so that is such a beautiful thing to say. Thanks

Miriam said...

Yup - he's pretty awesome!

Lisa said...

Hi Miriam, I found your blog through Cat from Catalina's Cottage. I thought Id drop by and say hi. Love your blog..... Lisa

Miriam said...

Welcome! Thanks for your lovely encouragement.