Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Learning Together - savings goals

Hey beautiful people,

Can you believe another one so soon??? I've written about how we do pocket money before. Today is about a new thing I've introduced to help the boys. They tend to get all excited about saving for a big ticket item then they see something smaller and cheaper and quicker to have and forget what they were saving for. (I think I'm a bit like that too!)

Recently at a friends house Flip discovered iPod nanos. Our boys listen to a lot of audio books and some music and Flip does love his technology! so he decided he wanted one of them. We looked up new ones and second hand ones and figured he could probably get one for around $150 - being his father's son ;-) he's only interested in the 7th or 8th generation!

Bounce wants roller skates so we had a look and found that $80 would be plenty for him to get a pair.

I helped them make a temperature gauge.

Having a goal and saving towards it is so much easier when you can see it coming and if I get really organised I'll print them both a picture so they can see it coming. It will take them quite a while to save up but I know they will really value them when they get there.

Learning Together a series for primary aged children and their parents - activities that break up homework monotony, promote skills and create positive experiences together.

What keeps you on track when you are saving up for something special?

love you more than a savings goal achieved xxxx