Thursday, June 4, 2015

23/52 Yeah I Made It.... Deer and Doe Belladone

Well hello there

When my sister came over at Christmas time she went through my stash with me and helped me put together a list of projects - matching patterns with fabrics (it was FUN!).

This was one of them, and then when The Monthly Stitch announced Indie Pattern Month on the blog, with prizes!, I knew it was time to have a go.

I have made some changes to it - I lengthened the bodice pieces by 3cm - I just plucked that number from the air because the other one was too short in the bodice and the darts sat way too high. Once I was finished I had to take a couple of pinches of fabric out of the back at the top because it was a bit gapey.

I also left off the keyhole back. I do love the keyhole back but I wanted to make the lengthening thing work first in case I couldn't manage it with the keyhole pieces - also I didn't really have enough fabric to include those bits.

I love this fabric very much. I picked it up on sale, and impulse, one day. It's Belle and Boo design called 'Come Fly With Me'.

I also went down a size from last time because I felt it was too large over all and cut the lowest neckline possible as well as narrowing the shoulders slightly. So there it is!

If you want to have a look at other indie makes pop over to TMS. Each week in June there is a different theme so you will get a really good variety of independent pattern companies on show - if that's your jam.

I tried using the tripod and taking photos in the front garden - in our defence we are waiting on the landlord to give us the go-ahead on a landscaping option.... and the hand mower that was provided was so rusty the handle has completely come off.... just so you know we aren't completely hopeless.

love you more than a person on a paper plane xxx