Monday, June 22, 2015

26/52 - The Parklands

Happy Monday y'all,

The thing about living in the city is the lack of outside space at home, however Adelaide City is surrounded by green parklands (they are actually brown in the summer but let's not be too picky).

So these parklands which are about a 3 minute walk away become our play space.

There is an area we have been introduced to that is the 'hut area'. 

On Sunday afternoon with another lovely family, we headed out and discovered a half hut. Over the next hour and a half the littles and dads built the other half, while the mamas watched on and chatted.

As the sun sank we wandered back home to dinner. Such a lovely afternoon - all outdoors and technology free. No resources other than what we could find. These are the days when it all seems right.

Does the final result remind anyone else of Eeyore's house in Winnie-the-Pooh?

love you more than a 3 metre stick xxx