Monday, April 14, 2014

Holiday Reads - Making Soapies in Kabul

Seeing as we're suddenly in holidays I thought I'd take some time over the next 2 weeks to share some reads I've recently been enjoying. (Including a special guest review by Flip!)

Making Soapies in Kabul by Trudi-Ann Tierney is the kind of book The Atlas usually picks up at the library, it's an autobiographical book with some kind of travel element involved. The book covers the 3 years Trudi-Ann spent working in the world of making TV in Afghanistan.

This book is one of those that gives a human insight into the crazy world of living in 'the Ghan' and making soap operas. As you can imagine things aren't straight forward but Trudi-Ann's warmth and genuine love of her crazy role takes you in and envelopes you in all the madness. Trudi-Ann doesn't down play the crazy or the cultural disconnects and mis-connects but she writes with humanity and warmth and has a deep affection for the cast of crazy expats and Afghans she meets in her time there.

I enjoyed reading it. It's a bit like intimate emails from a loved one in a far off land and it captures an Afghanistan that doesn't feature in news stories and western perceptions. It's not a picture of perfection though, far from, it's riotous, shocking and hilarious, but I like that - real but different.

If you like the thought of far-flung adventures and peaking behind the doors of making soapies with culture clashes and the insanity of doing anything in a war zone this is a book that you'll love. It's both readable and put down-able; you can read large chunks or just pick up here and there with snatches of time in between holiday activities with your loved ones.

Details - PUBLISHED: March 2014 IMPRINT: Allen & Unwin CATEGORY: Autobiography  RRP: $29.99 EBOOK: Yes

love you more than taking an adventure into a danger-zone without the danger xxx