Thursday, July 17, 2014

make my week - sashiko

A new skill I was taught at the CWA (country women's association!!! I know! in the city though so okay for me!)

This is a Japanese style of stitching that is all about precision, which I of course have not demonstrated. In the real version one should have exactly the same number of stitches for every inch and at points where stitches meet or cross there are strict rules for that too.

The CWA ladies were impressed with my speed - which I pointed out was due to my blatant disregard for the rules (which was what I was supposed to be learning!).

So perhaps I haven't really learnt or done sashiko, but you can follow the look rather than the law - as I have done - right?

I love the blue and white together. Another time (when it's finished) I'll show you the quilt I am going to make around them.

 and I am here

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love you more than a slap dash approach (to stitching and photography!) xxx