Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make My Week - Dancer Dress

The church we go to provides free music lessons for kids aged 8-12 on a Friday afternoon/evening. Flip has been going and Bounce and I have just hung out in the building - so I put my hand up and offered to do some dance.

It's very simple and the numbers fluctuate week to week but it's a nice way to be involved and give back.

Cue - I have nothing to wear for this.

Cue - $7.50 for a pair of footless tights from Kmart - although the staff member I asked for help was most insistent that they are actually "leggins", to which I countered with "I'd call them tights, they certainly shouldn't be worn in place of trousers." (I'm not sure we were on the same page with that but I assure you for $7.50 these should not be worn as trousers!!)

Cue - there are no t-shirts in the world that are long enough to make these seemly or dresses I own that are 'right' for dancing or wearing with these kind of tights.

Cue - I bought a pattern, $5 (all patterns $5 this week - thank you spotlight).

Cue - I raced home rummaged through my op shop fabric (not that much of it)

Cue - I opened the pattern envelope at 2pm, cut, pinned, cut, sewed, ran out of bobbin, wound bobbin, sewed some more

Cue - 3pm raced out the door to collect children, walked home.

Cue - while children got changed for going to music on the bus and shovelled down afternoon tea I hemmed like a wild woman

Cue - left the house in new 'dance teaching' outfit.

Yes I am aware that I could probably hide a triplet pregnancy inside this dress but it works and for less than $10 pattern and all I'm happy with it.

How about you - are you a leggins wearer? what would you wear to teach dance?

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