Monday, July 28, 2014

Learning Together - Real Writing

In our house there is not a lot of writing for pleasure. Even the spelling list can be a chore. When one is given a pen he writes equations and when the other is given a pen he draws pictures of teddies.

But I do believe writing, letter formation, letter orientation, size, fluency only develops through actual regular contact between the pen and paper. So in the holidays I provided a selection of postcards and a promise of sending and I let them go for it.

I hope the recipients will be able to decipher their post, but no matter, post sent with love is always welcome, right?

I think when children are given real contexts at home, actual postcards to choose from and knowing they will really be sent then they are far more inclined to put pen to paper.

One day I want to get one of these beautiful creations for our place and I know in that it will get filled with wee notes to and from family members because it provides real context.

We also have a to and from book which we write notes to the boys in and they to us - again, well loved. (Although currently misplaced, I need to get some more - the concept is that you have an exercise book that is special to each child and you write notes to each other, as and when the urge takes. Then you leave them on their pillow. Either side can initiate and they become another special channel of communication).

When learning and practicing a skill become a chore it's great to find ways to break it up. I didn't force the postcards but I did have some they could choose from, and we talked about friends who we could send them to.... and then, everyone wanted a go.  I supported from the sideline and helped with ideas when needed but mainly I just celebrated joyful writing and the sharing of friendship.

Learning Together a series for primary aged children and their parents - activities that break up homework monotony, promote skills and create positive experiences together.