Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bookish - A Māori Word a Day

Ngā mihi koutou,

I love that there seems to be a groundswell (in my circles anyway) of people who are hungry to extend their knowledge of Te Reo Māori. As part of my learning journey I receive an email every day with a word and sentence and so I was thrilled to see Hēmi Kelly's book A Māori Word a Day come out too.

The book is beautifully laid out with a Māori word, it's definition and classification and a couple of rad sentences you can use with the word in it. One for every day of the year.

The book is a really nice size too so you could easily pop it on your desk at work or in a draw that's handy so you can try out your kupu hou (new words).

There is a pronunciation guide at the front and the great thing about Māori is that once you have that nailed down you can work out any word.

If you are wanting to go on a journey to use Te Reo or enhance the quantity you have this is an excellent resource.

Details - Penguin Random House, February 2018 RRP $30.00

love you more than a kaputī (cup of tea) xxx