Saturday, April 8, 2017

Foodied Fun

Hey food lovers,

I was recently offered an opportunity to attend the Christchurch Food Show. Who was I to decline?? So, today a dear friend and I took a day off from Mummy-ing and wandered around the heart of the Horncastle Arena taste testing our way around every stall.

The show was well attended but not so that you couldn't actually make it to the stalls to try all the goodies. Every now and again there would be a rush when a new batch of raspberry panna cotta (oh yes please!) or the like, came out and you had to hold back on using your elbows.

The celebs were out in the demonstration area, which was a really a highlight judging by the way that every seat was filled before they started. I loved the fact that the wonderful Scorpio Books had a stand brimming with recipe books. (Also you got a $10 voucher for their in town book shop when you made a purchase... of course I did!)

I bought The Atlas some wild venison salami and the boys some fudge. I also purchased some limoncello and we got a super cute idea from the adorable Jax who was at the Countdown stand. Lemon curd and cream cheese filled hollow eggs. We'll be making these with our littles this weekend.

We were also provided with Uber rides to and from the show. I downloaded the app and found it super easy to use. We were transported by different people both ways - it was really nice to hear their stories and I was really impressed with how simple and quick it was to use.

The Food Show is on again tomorrow if you need a reason for a day out with a friend - I can recommend it - came home full tummy, some bags of goodies and a generally relaxed and great day out.

If I was going to recommend anything it would have been more coffee options - as a non coffee drinker it didn't really effect me but the one coffee cart was so busy and the nespresso stand was people deep every time we went past.

Despite the look of my photos there was lots of lovely savoury food too including hangi pies!

Thanks to the prshop for this super fun opportunity :-)

love you more than a cream cheese egg with a lemon curd filling xxx