Monday, April 3, 2017

Retreat Sewing - Boro


Hope life is well in your house. I'm completely not a mender, consequently I wear things with holes in them.
"Did you know you have a whole in your cardy?"
"Yes I actually bought it like that from an op-shop and then I couldn't be bothered waiting for myself to mend it so I started wearing it."
... awkward silence...

Lately I've been getting into Boro - which is a Japanese thing around visible mending. Where we continue to use things rather than throw them when they have tears or holes. Instead of trying to disguise the mending you simply let it be what it is.

These jeans were given to me by my sister with a ripped up knee. Now I know that some people are into the whole ripped clothing thing (I really can't get past how people pay money for something already ripped??!) but it's not really my bag.

I will admit I wore these jeans with rips in them for a good few months - because I am lazy!

At the sewing retreat I got into them with embroidery thread. They are pretty subtle (a surprise for me!) but I love them.

It makes me smile every time I look at them.

Are you a mender? What size is your mending pile?

love you more than new or old embroidery threads xxx