Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stray by Rachael Craw

Super humans buckle up the much anticipated sequel to Spark is on the shelves. (I pre-ordered mine at my beautiful local bookshop and actually got to read it before it's 1st September release!)

Stray by Rachael Craw. Part 2 of the trilogy.

Now it must be said I sometimes think the best way to read an amazing trilogy is to close your ears, shut off your FOMO (fear of missing out - I am so down with the lingo) and wait until they are all on the shelves so you can read the whole thing over 2 days ignoring the serious family neglect that comes with it.

However, I could not wait. (It's a fomo thing!) So I've now devoured book two. What scares me about trilogies is that all the relationship development will be left behind in the second book (think Lord of the Rings) and it's all action. Not so with Stray.

There is still lots of great character interaction and for me this book feels more mature in terms of the writing style and weightiness of the story. I do hate spoilers in books so I'm not going to talk about the actual narrative suffice to say Evie has to face up to the full weight of being an unwilling part of the Affinity Project (I should not have said the A-word!). The emotions and action in the book are powerful and the reader is left with very little time to catch breath. You may need to clear your schedule for this one.

Also there are funny bits. I like that and I think it is clever to be able to achieve humour amidst the dark and hang on for dear life action.

There are some steamy scenes so be warned if that is not your thing. It's not a major feature of the book but it is there. There are some really terrific new characters introduced too and for me the book has a Bourne Supremacy kind of feel to it's story. It would make a great film. I should probably be cast as Miriam because that is my name but I fear I am: a)not attractive enough, b) too old, c) way too unfit and d) not American. (There may be an alphabet of reasons that I would not be cast but for the sake of my delicate ego we'll leave it at 4 - extra reasons are not welcomed).

So YA book lovers get out and get a copy. You will receive a fabulous book and also be supporting the emergence of a wonderful New Zealand writer.

Details - Walker Books, Information and links on where to buy it can be located here. Or check out your local independent bookseller and support keeping bookshops alive and lovely. :o)

love you more than the taste of slightly burnt, I was distracted by reading while making dinner, dinner xxx